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Danny Wuerffel with 114

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Q: Who is the sec career passing touchdown leader?
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Which SEC quarterback has thrown the most touchdown passes in the SEC?

Tim Tebow(461) Tebow didn't have 461 touchdown passes!

Who holds the SEC record for touchdown receptions?

Steve Largent

Who is leading the sec in touchdown passes 2009?

johnathin crompton for Tennessee vols

Who holds the sec kickoff return touchdown record?

Devin Hester (14)

What is the SEC record for touchdown passes in a season?

Andre Woodson, a quarterback from Kentucky holds the record for most touchdown passes in a season with 40 in 2007

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Who has the Most rushing touchdowns in SEC for his career?

Tim Tebow

Who intercepted an option pitch and returned it for a 96 yard touchdown against Arkansas in the 1995 SEC Championship Game?

Ben Hanks

Who is sec all time leader in touchdowns?

chris doering

Who does the situational leader report to?

They report to operation sec chief

What is the SEC and what year did it start?

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Who holds the sec rushing touchdown record in a career?

Herschel Walker-49 (1980-1982) Broken by Tim Tebow in his 4th season on 31 October 2009 getting two rushing touchdowns against the University of Georgia coming into the game tied at 49. Walker's old record was established in three seasons.