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Q: Who is the richest between Wayne Rooney and john terry?
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Who would win in a fight between Wayne Rooney and john terry?

Wayne Rooney

Who has scored the most goal in the premier league season out of david James john terry rio Ferdinand ruud van nistlerooy sol Campbell steven Taylor and Wayne Rooney.?

It is very close between Wayne Rooney and Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

What happened between John Terry and Wayne Bridge?

John Terry had an affair with Wayne Bridge's wife.

When was Terry Rooney born?

Terry Rooney was born on 1950-11-11.

Who are the top 10 football players in England?

David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, ricky hatton

Who are the top earners in epl in 2011 season?

Wayne Rooney, David Silva, Yaya Toure, John Terry, Sergio Aguero.....

Who is the current highest paid footballer in English premier league?

It is now Wayne Rooney with £250,000 a week

Who is the highest weekly paid footballer in the premiership for 2011?

It was John Terry with 150,000 pounds, but I think Wayne Rooney gets 250,000 pounds.

Who is richest person in Kentucky?

Terry Forcht is the richest man in Kentucky. He owns Forcht Bank and several other businesses.

Top five highest paid players in English premier league?

It John Terry, Frank Lampard, Dider drogba, Michael essien and Wayne Rooney.

Who is the best soccer player on the England team?

the best soccer player according to stats is most probably steven gerrard. rooney also might qualify for this slot. top three players are John terry, Steven Gerrard, & Wayne rooney.

Who are the star players in the England team at the FIFA world cup 2010?

Steven Gerrard Wayne Rooney John Terry Ashley Cole Frank Lampard Rio Ferdinand