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The starting quarterback of the 2011 Dallas Cowboys is Tony Romo.

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Q: Who is the quarterback on the Dallas Cowboys team today?
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Who is the current quarterback on the dallas cowboys football team?

Tony Romo.

Through the 1996 season which team has had a player?

Troy Aikman Dallas Cowboys Quarterback

Who was the first quarterback for the Dallas Steers?

The Dallas "Steers" never played a game. The Steers name was changed to the Dallas Rangers, and then to Cowboys before the team ever played a game. Therefore the First Steer quarterback was also the Cowboys first quarterback, Eddie Lebaron.

What year did Rodney Peete play for Dallas?

Rodney Peete was the backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys during the 1994 season. The team's third-string quarterback that year? Jason Garrett.

Has Brett Favre ever beat the Dallas Cowboys in his career?

He is the only quarterback in the NFL to have beat every team, including the Cowboys. Yes, he has beaten them.

For how many years does Tony Romo have a contract with the Dallas Cowboys?

In 2013, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo signed a six-year extension with the team worth $108 million, with 55 million guaranteed and $25 million in bonuses. He has been the quarterback in Dallas since October 2006.

Who has the jersey number 8 for the dallas cowboys football team today?

The last player to wear No. 8 for the Dallas Cowboys was quarterback Troy Aikman, who wore that number from 1989 to 2000. Although the Cowboys do not retire uniform numbers, it is unlikely that anyone else will wear the number anytime soon.

What is chris brown's favorite football team?

his favorite football team is the dallas cowboys

What team is the most valuable team in 2010 NY Yankees or Dallas Cowboys?

dALLAS cowboys

Are the cowboys a baseball team?

Dallas CowboysNo. The Cowboys are a football team that plays in Dallas for the NFL.

Is Miles Austin still on the Dallas Cowboys team-?

No, Miles Austin was released from the Dallas Cowboys football team.

Who was the very first Dallas Cowboys quarterback?

The starting quarterback in the first ever regular season game for the Cowboys was Eddie LeBaron. In that first game, LeBaron threw three TD passes but the Cowboys lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 35-28, on September 24, 1960.