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Q: Who is the president of university of Michigan?
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Who was the first president of the university of Michigan?

wwhat president was an all-American center for the university of Michigan

What President graduated from the university of Michigan?

Gerald Ford attended the University of Michigan.

Who owns Michigan State University?

Michigan State University is a public university, and as such is owned by the people of the state of Michigan. It is run by a president, selected by the board of regents, who in turn are elected by the people of the state.

What state university did president ford go to?

He went to the University of Michigan where he was a football star.

What president played football for university of michigan?

gerald ford

Who founded Michigan university?

The Rev. John Monteith was one of the university's founders and its first President

What president player college football for the university of Michigan?

Gerald Ford.

Who is the president of Michigan state university?

Lou Anna K. Simon

Who was the only president that played in college for the university of Michigan?

Gerald Ford

Where did gerald r ford the president go to college?

Hr received a BA Degree from the University of Michigan in 1935; LLB from University of Michigan in 1941, and Yale University Law School.

Which president played football for a major college football program?

I believe President Ford played for the University of Michigan.

What president play college football for the University of Michigan?

Gerald Ford.