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Christopher Katongo

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Kalusha Bwalya

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Q: Who is the president of the Football Association of Zambia?
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When was Girl Guides Association of Zambia created?

Girl Guides Association of Zambia was created in 1924.

Who is the president of the Dominica football association?

Patrick john

Who was the first President of the Football Association?

Walter Camp

Does Zambia have a president?

Yes. Zambia has a president and a vice-president.

Does Zambia have a president or a king?

Zambia has a President... currently, Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Who is the president of Fiji football association?

Rajesh Patel is the current President of FIJI FA (2012)

Who is the leader of Zambia?

Michael Sata is the president of Zambia.

Who is the fecafoot president in cameroon?

Fecafoot is the Cameroon football association and its president is Iya Mohammed who was re-elected to the role.

Does Zambia have a king?

No, Zambia has an elected president. The current president is Rupiah Banda.

Who is the current leader of Zambia?

In 2013, President Michael Sata is the leader of Zambia.

Who is Zambia's current ruler?

The current President of Zambia is Michael Sata.

How many Girl Guides are there in Zambia?

As of January 1, 2006, there were 11,920 members of the Girl Guides Association of Zambia.