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Ryan Giggs

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Q: Who is the premiership footballer in recent affair scandal?
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How long were sheffield united in the premiership for?

Their most recent Premiership spell lasted just one season from 2006-2007.

Who captained Richmond's most recent Premiership team in 1980?

Bruce Monteath

Who is the Indian cricketer involved in the recent match fixing scandal?

There are a number of indian cricketers involved in the recent match fixing scandal which was unearthed more than a month ago. One of the famous one includes the troubled young star Srikanth.

Did any footballer played for Manchester united and Liverpool?

Paul Ince is the most recent one.

What two recent memories scarred the bicentennial celebration?

The Watergate Scandal/Nixon's Resignation, and the end of the Vietnam War.

What are john's proctor feelings toward Abigail?

Abigail still has strong feelings for him after their recent affair.

Real world examples of white-collar crime?

(in the US) the recent Bernie Madoff investment Ponzi scheme) scandal is a perfect example.

When did 'Collingwood' win their last premiership?

In 2010, against St. Kilda - they romped it home the second time, after a Grand final replay due to a drawn first Grand final. Before that, it was in 1990, against Essendon, by 58 points. It was their first premiership since 1958, including a heartbreaking draw against North Melbourne in 1977.

How can you make your spouse forget her first love in which she had a recent affair?

Answer You can't make anyone forget anything and if she had a recent affair with this man good chances are that she still loves him. Maybe for you the best thing would be to do is to move on and forget this girl who evidently hasn't gotten past her old flame and if she's going to cheat on you, do you really need it. A good question to ask yourself.

Has any footballer played for Manchester United and arsenal?

There have been many players who have played for both clubs, the most recent one that springs to mind is Mikael Silvestre.

What are some scandals involving Son Ye-Jin?

There aren't any that involve her personal life. But the most recent scandal was her naked sex scene in the movie "White Night."

Who is the most recent premiership football player to score 100 goals?

Cristiano Ronaldo scored his 100th goal in the second half of last season. Andrew Johnson scored his 100th league goal early in the season