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there are 2 footballers who have each scored 13 goals in one game.

On 12th September 1885, John Petrie scored 13 goals as Arbroath beat Bon Accord 36 - 0.

On 11th April 2001, Archie Thompson scored 13 goals as Australia beat American Samoa 31 - 0.

The highest ever scoring football game is 149 - 0 when AS Adema beat Stade Olympique L`Emyrne in the Madagascan league. Such a high result was due to the away team purposefully scoring own goals in protest to bad decisions from the referee.

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Q: Who is the player who scored the most number of goals in one match and How many?
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Which player has scored the highest goal of a world cup tournament?

The highest number of goals by a single player a world cup match was scored by Oleg Salenko of Russia in 1994 , the match was verses cameroon he scored 5 goals, it was 5-0.

What is the record for the maximum number of goals scored by one player in one single match?

What sport?

Most goals scored in a match by a Man United player?

Sir Bobby Charlton - 249 goals

What football player scored the most goals?

. Emile Heskey with 1000000000000000000 and a minimum of 10 goals per match

Which player scored most goals in a world cup match?

Oleg Salenko of Russia scored five against Cameroon in 1994.

.who was the last player to score 4 goals in a premiership match without winning?

The last player to score a total of four goals , and even then his team failed to win , is Andrei Arshavin, from Arsenal who scored four goals in the match with Liverpool. But Liverpool also scored four goals ,2 by Torres and 2 by Benayoun.

How many goals were scored by Algeria in their match against England?

0, there was no goals scored at all.

Is it true the most goals scored in the world cup match is 12?

Yes. Most goals scored in a world cup match is 12.

What is the highest number of goals scored in an England match since 1930?

i dont no it pls tell me

How many times have the England national football team scored ten or more goals in one match?

England have scored 10 or more goals in a single match on 5 occasions. They've scored 13 goals in a single match twice, 11 goals once and 10 goals twice.

What is the highest number of goals scored by a team in a single football match?

Dimitar Berbatov scored 5 goals for Manchester United against Blackburn on the 27 Nov 2010.

How many goals does Lionel messi have in this season?

The number of goals scored by Lionel Messi in 2009-10 is 37 by after Arsenal match.