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the catcher

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Q: Who is the player who gives signals to the pitcher to tell him what type of pitch to throw?
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Who determines what pitch is thrown in a typical game the pitcher the catcher or the management?

sometimes the manager gives the catcher signs from the dugout. the catcher gives the sign to the pitcher what he recommends if he doesn't get a sign from the dugout. in the end, obviously, the pitcher has the final descision on what he wants to throw, but as the level of play increases, pitch calling becomes more dependent on the catcher.

In baseball do the pitcher and catcher form?

I think you are asking what they form. If that is what you want to know, they are called "The Battery," because they work together to try and get the batter out. The catcher makes hand signals for the pitcher to see telling him what type of pitch to throw. The pitcher will either nod or shake his head to let the catcher know if that is the pitch he wants to deliver or not.

What does the pitcher have to be on when they are delivering the pitch?

The pitcher must be on the "rubber" when making a pitch.

What a catcher gives a pitcher?

A catcher tells the pitcher what kinds of pitches to throw. Also, if the pitcher throws a bad pitch, the catcher can prevent the keep the ball close to prevent any base runner advancements.

Does a pitcher pitch good or pitch well?

A good pitcher pitches well.

Can a pitcher stand on the corner of the pitching rubber?

Yes. A pitcher must make contact with the rubber but it may be a toe, a heel, or the entire foot.

Which softball player is in foul territory?

The catcher is usually in foul territory when the pitch is thrown; although, legally, any player but the pitcher COULD be there.

What is the name of the player who hits the ball in baseball?

The pitcher throws the ball to the batter in baseball

What does wp mean in baseball stats?

It can either stand for Wild Pitch or Winning Pitcher.

What is a good pitch speed for a 15 year old baseball player?

well it depends if your a pitcher or if you play the field if your a pitcher a good speed is from 75 to 85 if your a fielder a good pitch speed is from 65 to 75 as long as you got a good changeup to back it up

In fast pitch softball how long can a pitcher pitch?

4 innings.

How do you do a hit and run on mlb 2k10 my player xbox 360?

You try to steal (Hold RT and let go when the pitcher starts to pitch) and then instead of taking the pitch, the batter tries to hit it.