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yasir hameed of Pakistan batted 45 times in his career without getting a duck

of players currently playing, ross Taylor of New Zealand has batted 40 times without being dismissed for 0

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Q: Who is the player to have played the most innings in test cricket ever since his debut without getting dismissed for a duck?
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How many outs in cricket do you have?

you have ten outs in a game but you can bat out your innings without getting all 10 wickets.

What is an instance of getting out to one's first ball in both innings in cricket?

To get out without scoring on both innings is a pair, to get out without scoring first ball is a golden duck, so to get out without scoring first ball on both innings is a golden pair.

What do you call to be at the wicket without being dismissed for an entire innings?

An opening batsman that started an innings and finishes not out can be said to have carried his bat.

What does unbeaten mean in cricket?

It means the batsman was not dismissed, i.e., they finished the game without being given out.

What is a diamond duck in cricket?

A Diamond Duck is the term that describes Players who are dismissed without facing a ball (usually run out).

What sport is there a 'duck'?

Either duck hunting, college football, or cricket. In cricket, a duck occurs when a batter is dismissed without scoring. In college football, a duck plays for the University of Oregon.

What ball sport has a duck?

cricket. For getting out without scoring a run.

What is the statute of limitations for dismissed without prejudice in Oklahoma?

One year after dismissed without prejudice

How does a innings in test cricket end?

There are typically five ways a cricket innings can end.All out - If a team on strike loses ten of its eleven batsmen (usually due to them being dismissed or "bowled out," but injuries can also stop batsmen), preventing it from presenting a proper batting partnership on the cricket pitch, the team is declared "all out" and its innings is ended.Limited overs - In a one-innings cricket match, there will be a declared limit to the number of overs each team can bowl. Once that limit has been reached, the innings is closed.Won by wickets - If a team is last to bat, their goal is to "chase" runs and overtake the other team's total. Like in baseball, the moment they have overtaken the other team's total, the innings and match is ended, and the chasing team is declared to have won the match by however many wickets they still possess.Declaration - In First Class and Test cricket, time becomes an important consideration. If a team's captain feels that they have established a lead they can fully defend against the other team, he will "declare" his team's innings closed and give his team more time to bowl the other team out and conclude the match.Draw - This is what happens when time runs out in a First Class or Test match. If the end of the final day is reached without the match coming to a conclusion, then the innings and match are ended there and the match is declared a draw, with neither team given a win.

What team holds the record for most consecutive innings without a hit?

549873938737 innings

In cricket how can two batsmen cross without a run scored and not getting out?

The batsmen can only can cross after an over and can't cross without a run is scored or not getting out.

What does 'dismissed without prejudice' mean when you are in bankruptcy?

Dismissed without prejudice means the creditor cannot further pursue the debt.

Can charges that have been dismissed be refiled?

If it was dismissed without prejudice then yes, they can be refiled. If the charges were dismissed with prejudice then it cannot be refiled.

What is the meaning of duck in cricket?

Getting a 'duck' in cricket. Is to be out without scoring any runs. A golden duck is to be out on your first ball, meaning no runs as well.

What is a silver duck in cricket?

A silver duck is awarded to a batsman who is dismissed on the 2nd ball he/she faces having failed to score a run. There is also of course the golden duck given to a player dismissed on his/her first ball, a platinum duck given to a player dismissed on the first delivery of a match, and a diamond duck given to a player who is dismissed without facing a ball (such as from being run out).

What is the record number of innings a team has gone without scoring a run?

Its atleast 35 as the Houston Astros went 35 innings without scoring

Can a person who had a petit larceny charge that was dismissed be a bail bondsman in Oklahoma?

Dismissed WITH or WITHOUT prejudice? On a misdemeanor - IF it was dismissed WITH prejudice - you probably can.

Dissmissed without prejudice is that good?

Dismissed without prejudice means the court has dismissed the petition, but that the plaintiff can re-file if the circumstances change.

What is a dismissed court case?

It means that for some legal reason the court has dismissed the charges against the individual. A case may be dismissed "with prejudice" or "without prejudice."

Timeline case dismissed without prejudice?

A case dismissed without prejudice may be brought again as long as the statute of limitations for that particular offense (if there is one) has not expired.

If a criminal case was dismissed can that case be open at a later date?

noAnother View: Yes, it could be, depending on HOW the case was dismissed. If the judge dismissed the case WITH prejudice it cannot be re-opened. If it was dismissed WITHOUT prejudice it can be.However, if a criminal case is dismissed without prejudice it may not be re-opened IF the applicable statute of limitations for that crime in that situation has lapsed.

What does dismissed with without predjudice mean?

Dismissed without prejudice means that the judge is dismissing the case, but not barring further adjudication. It also means that the judge it not ruling on the merits of the case.

When a criminal case has been dismissed in the state of Michigan how long do the courts have to refile?

Not enough information. Was it dismissed WITH prejudice, or WITHOUT prejudice?

Can a dismissed case be re-opened The court never said if it was dismissed with or without prejudice. Just that the case was dismissed and I was free to go?

When a case is dismissed with prejudice the State cannot refile the charges.Added: When it is dismissed WITHOUT prejudice, the charges CAN be re-filed and you can be prosecuted. Regardless of what you remember, the original case file will reflect in what manner the original case was resolved. Do the research or ask your attorney.

Can one sue for court and attorney fees if a suit is dismissed without prejudice?

When a suit is dismissed without prejudice you are free to try the case all over again just like it never happened (This is assuming that the whole case was dismissed, not just in part).