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Theodore Papaluokas of Greece made 18 3pt. shots in a single professional Basketball game.

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Q: Who is the player have more three point score in professinal games?
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What is the score for in blockland?

It's for when you are in mini-games Usually it is: Killing Player= 1 point Killing self= -1 point dying= 0 point, dying = -1 point My screenname is, General RM

How the game is scored in tennis?

Matches are won by playing either the best of 3 or the best of 5 sets.If we use 'best of 3' in singles as our example, the first person to win 2 sets wins the match.A set is ordinarily played til the first person reaches 6 games with a two game advantage - eg. 6 games to 4, or (say) 6-3, etc. The first 2 sets are usually played as "tie-break" sets ... which means that if the score reaches 6-6 (both have won 6 games), then a 'tie-break' game is played, and the winner of this game will decide the winner of that set. The tie-break is a point-by-point game: the first to reach 7 points with a 2-point advantage wins the game and the set. If the score reaches 7-6 in points in the game, the game continues until one player gains a 2-point advantage.Each game is played as each player commences with a score that is called, "Love". Point-wise it means that player has scored no points yet.When a player wins his first point for that game, the score is called as, '15', and the server's score is called first. So, if the server wins the first point of that game, the score called is: 15-Love. The 2nd point won by a player is allocated another 15 points : so his score will be called as 30; as he wins the 3rd point, his score becomes 40. When he wins the 4th point, he is awarded the game.If the score reaches 40-40, it is referred to as "Deuce", and the game is not won by a player until he gains that 2-point advantage in the game.Serving alternates each game.

Who is the only player who can score a point in traditional in badminton?


Who is the first player to score a point in the Palace 1988?

Cliff Robinson

What does ADV mean in tennis?

ADV stands for 'advantage'. ADV is used when a player scores a point when the score is at duece. The player has the 'advantage' because if they win the next point, they win the game. If the player who has the advantage loses the next point, the score goes back to duece.

What is it called when a player wins a point after deuce?

The player is said to have "advantage" and will win the game with another point, or the score can return to deuce (tied).

Who was the last player to score 50 goals in 50 games?

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What happen when both players reach deuce in tennis?

if the score is deuce, the score goes as follows: if you are serving and you win the point, it is ad- in.... if you serve and win again, you win the game. if you are serving and you lose the point, it is ad-out... if you serve and lose again, you lose the game. if it is ad-in, and you lose the point, the score goes back to deuce, until someone wins.

What score follows deuce?

40-40 or when a player gets an advantage and in the following serve the opponents gets the,again they are levelled again.

How do you get player awards on Miniclip?

You have to achieve a certain score in certain games. If you want to know which awards to get and which games to get them in click on the 'Awards' tab on your player page.

How do you score in badmington?

to score in badminton each player starts off with 0 points each every time a point is one the person who one it gets 1 added to their score

Who announces the score of the player in badminton?

The Umpire will keep the score in a supervised game.