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The choreography.

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Q: Who is the person who creates the dances ballet or musical?
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What is a ballet dancer?

A ballet dancer is a person who dances in ballets, also known as a ballerina.

What is a person who dances at the ballet called?

a ballerina, although usually that phrase is used mostly for girls! A male Ballet Dancer is called a Ballerino

What does a coreographer do?

A choreographer (not coreographer) is a person who creates and coordinates dances. He or she is trained to design dances that go with certain pieces of music or with a particular theme.

What is a Choreogragher?

AChoreographer is a person who comes up with dances and teaches it to someone like High School Musical 1 2 and 3 do it

A person who controls the maneuvers of a ballet is known as?


What is a a ballet dance performed by one person called?


What person started ballet?

not one person really started ballet. But, i would have that king Louis the 14 of France helped originate it. okay what is ballet

Who started ballet dance?

there isn't really a person who "started" ballet. ballet originated in Italy, moving with catherine de medici to France when she married king Henry II. she introduced her tradition of Ballo, or dance. in the 1700's, king Louis of France became fascinated with ballet. not only did he create the first ballet academy, he also danced in every production of all the dances. that is, until he became too fat. :( :P from there, France slowly began to lose interest, and that's where russia comes in. Russian george balachine brought ballet to America. tada! a brief history of ballet. :)

How do you spell danser?

dancer -- a person who dances

Who is the person who make up the dances?


What is the song the person dances to in http youtube KjvDmSmrtlk?

Sail by awolnation is the name of the song that a person dances in the web address provided in the question.

Person who designs dance in ballet is?

The Choreographer

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