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Ryan Sheckler

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Q: Who is the owner of plan b skateboards?
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When was Plan B Skateboards created?

Baker Skateboards was created in 2000.

Skateboards does plan b sell a year?

944 skateboards. no more, no less.

Are Plan B skateboards better than Zero skateboards?

yes I have a Plan B skateboard and it is very good! f!@# off they are like zero have way better concave than plan B

Where does Plan B skateboards rank in popularity?


Does plan b skateboards accept sponsor videos?


Who created plan b skateboards?

Mostly Danny way

Are Zero skateboards better than plan b skateboards when it comes to the durability lightness pop and concave?


What type of skateboards do you like or what brand?

plan b and element the best

What are plan b skateboards made out of?

7 ply canadian maple

Are plan b skateboards cheap?

All skateboards cost the same In zumiez but i dont know about other skate shops

Are Zero skateboards better than Plan b skateboards when it comes to pop flick and durability?

Yeah Zero has all of that, its better

What skateboards are worst?

Plan B, Birdhouse, World Industries, Wall-Mart