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GSE Group and Mel Morris is the owner of Derby County.

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Q: Who is the owner of Derby County?
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When was Derby County L.F.C. created?

Derby County L.F.C. was created in 1995.

Where is the home stadium of Derby County FC?

Derby County FC is a football team in England. The home stadium of Derby County FC is called the Pride Park Stadium and it is located at the edge of Derby, England.

What do derby county come out to?

Derby County currently come out to Steve Bloomer's Watching.

What is the county town of derby shire?


Who did derby county beat in the premiership this season?


What team has a goat mascot?

Derby County football club Derby County football club

When was Sonoma County Roller Derby created?

Sonoma County Roller Derby was created in 2007.

When was Derby County Baseball Club created?

Derby County Baseball Club was created in 1889.

When did Derby County Baseball Club end?

Derby County Baseball Club ended in 1898.

When was Derby County F.C. created?

Derby County F.C. was created on 1884-02-05.

Who's the current owner of Derby Rail Works?

The current owner of Derby Rail Works is Bombardier Transportation.

Whom was the first owner of the Derby Railway Factory?

Matthew Kirtley was the first owner of the Derby Railway Factory.

What division does Derby County participate in?

Derby County plays in the The Championship league and the top two divisions.

What Australian county starts with D?

Derby is a county in Queensland.

What is derby countys nickname?

Derby county super rams

Who is mr derby from copper sun?

Mr. Derby (otherwise known as Master Derby) is Clay's father and the owner of the Derby plantation.

Who is the top goal scorer for Derby County?

The top goal scorer for derby county this season so far is Kenny Miller who came to Derby from Celtic

How many states are in Derby England and where is Derby located?

There are no states in Derby. Derby is a city located within the county of Derbyshire in England.

Has Manchester United ever lost to derby county?

Yes, Derby County beat Manchester United on the 8th of January 2009.

What is the name of a Famous jockey with a football name?

Lord Derby ... Derby County

When was Derby County founded?

Sorry, could not locate a Derby County in any state anywhere in the US. Could you please rephrase the question?

Which county did Ravi Shastri play for?

i presume derby county

What county is derby in?


Which county is derby in?


Who is the derby county skipper?

Robbie Savage.