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Sam Byrd played for the NY Yankees from 1928-1936 and in the 1932 World Series. He also played in 5 Masters Tournaments from 1940-1942, and 1945 and 1948!

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Q: Who is the only world series player to also play in the Masters?
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Which New York Yankees player has been on the most World Series winning teams?

Yogi Berra appeared in 14 World Series as a player for the Yankees and won 10 championships. Yogi also won 2 World Series championships as a Yankees coach in 1977 and 1978.

Does the world series MVP player get a car?

In past years, that has been the case. He also receives a trophy.

Who was the first Japanese major league baseball player to play in the world series?

Outfielder Tsuyoshi Shinjo, born in Osaka, with the San Francisco Giants in the 2002 World Series. He appeared in three games and had 1 hit in 6 at bats. Obviously, he is also the first Japanese born player to get a base hit in the World Series.

What was the highest player salary in 1978 in Major League Baseball?

Reggie Jackson, also known as Mr. October, was the highest paid player, having won the World Series the year before, and eventually the 1978 World Series too. There were no multi-year contracts back then.

Who is a famous baseball player from Curacao that played in the World Series in 1999?

Andruw Jones born in Willemstad, Curacao played in the 1999 World Series with the Atlanta Braves. The Braves Lost the World Series to the Yankees 4 games to 3. Randall Simon also born in Willemstad, Curacao, played for the Atlanta Braves in 1999 but did not make the World Series roster.

Is Gary Player still playing?

The 2009 Masters was his 52nd Masters, and also his final. It is unlikely he will play any more professional Golf tournaments.

Who was the first person to hit three hom runs in a world series?

The first player to hit three home runs in a World Series was Babe Ruth of the New York Yankees in the 1923 World Series against the New York Giants. He hit two in Game 2 and one in Game 6. The Babe was also the first player to hit 3 home runs in a single World Series game (Game 4 of the 1926 World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals).

Most World Series rings coach and player?

The late Frank Crosetti, who played for the New York Yankees from 1932 to 1948, also served as third-base coach for the team from 1947 to 1968. As a result, he was involved with 23 World Series teams and 17 world championships from 1932 to 1964.

What does the term DTM stand for?

The acronym DTM stands for Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters. Also known as German Touring Car Masters, they are a Silhouette Racing car series based in Germany.

Who was the MVP of the 1979 World Series?

Willie Stargell of the Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series MVP award in 1979. He also won the regular season MVP and NLCS MVP awards that year. He is the only player to have won the regular season league MVP, championship series MVP and World Series MVP awards in the same season.

Who was the oldest player to win the masters?

Jack Nicklaus won the Masters in 1986 at the age of 46 and remains the oldest player to win the tournament. It was also Nicklaus' last of 18 major golf tournament championships.

Who was the Cubs' manager when they last won the World Series over 100 years ago?

Frank Chance was the player/manager of the Cubs that defeated the Tigers in both the 1907 and 1908 World Series ... he also played first base. Chance was player/manager of the Cubs between 1905-1912 and also led the team to the 1906 and 1912 World Series that they lost (1906 to the White Sox and 1912 to the Red Sox). He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1946.

Who is the oldest major league player in baseball history to hit a home run in a world series game?

Enos Slaughter, best known for his mad dash to home plate to score the key run in Game 7 of the 1946 World Series, also is the oldest player to hit a home run in a World Series game. In Game 3 of the 1956 World Series, Slaughter, at age 40 years, 162 days, homered for the Yankees in their win over the Brooklyn Dodgers.

What 2009 Yankee player's has won a World Series before?

Before the 2009 World Series ended (of course after the 2009 WS every Yankee on that team won a WS) Derek Jeter, Andy Pettite, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rvera, Eric Hinske, and Manager Joe Girardi (as a player) all won the World Series in prior years. A.J. Burnett also technically has a World Series ring with the 2003 Florida Marlins, however he was hurt early in the 2003 season and did little to contribute.

Who was the last baseball player to pitch and win three complete games in the World Series two of which were shutouts?

It was in the 1957 World Series Yanks vs Milwaukee Braves. A contributor with an ID number only also said that previously I believe.

When is the last year he Phillies won the World Series?

The Phillies last won the World Series in 2008. They also won the World Series in 1980.

Who is Phil hellmuth?

Professional Poker player. I think he won 2 bracelets in the World series of poker. He talks a lot and wears sunglasses. His sister is also a Professional poker player.

What player played in the super bowl and world series?

Deion Sanders, who appeared in Super Bowl XXIX with the San Francisco 49ers and Super Bowl XXX with the Dallas Cowboys. He also played in the 1992 World Series as a member of the Atlanta Braves.

Who became the man of the match in world cup cricket thrice?

Yuvraj Singh beacme man of the match thrice.He was also awarded player of the series.

Who was the MVP of the 2000 World Series?

Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees won the World Series MVP award in 2000. He also won the All-Star game MVP award that year. He is the only player to win both awards in the same season.

where can I find some information about masters degree online?

Masters degrees online refers to online educational institutions that will award you a Masters degree. This is in comparison to real world colleges and universities which also give Masters degrees. You can find more information at the website.

What player appeared in the most World Series?

Yogi Berra appeared in 14 World Series with the New York Yankees, the most by any other Major League ballplayer. Yogi is also the owner of 10 World Series rings which is also a record. During his 19 season career (1946-1965) Yogi Berra appeared in the World Series during the years 1947, 1949.-1953 (a record 5 wins in a row) 1955-1958, and 1960-1963. Losing only in 1955, 1957, 1960, and 1963.

What did willie stargell do?

He was a baseball player from 1962-1982 with the Pittsburgh pirates. he also won a world series championship in 1979 with his team the pirates. A.K.A,"the family".

Which Indian player has scored the maximum runs in international cricket world cup history?

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. He also the maximum no of series played Person in ICC Cricket world cup Tournaments.

What major league baseball player holds the record for most consecutive hits in a world series?

Billy Hatcher of the Cincinnati Reds had seven consecutive hits in the 1990 World Series versus the Oakland A's. The Reds swept the A's four games to zero. Hatcher also has a World Series record .750 batting average, (9 for 12).