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Florian Raducioiu

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โˆ™ 2008-03-06 11:08:25
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Q: Who is the only soccer player to play in the top leagues of Spain England France Germany and Italy?
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Who is the only football player to play in 5 European leagues?

Florin Raducioiu - Italy, England, Spain, Germany and France - Europe's major 5 leagues

What football player played in 5 major European football leagues?

John Carew - Italy, Spain, France, England and Turkey

Who is the only player to have played in all leagues i n England and Scotland?

Colin Cramb

Whch player has won the most league titles in different European leagues?

Arjen Robben has won league titles in 4 different leagues (Netherlands, England, Spain, Germany) I think there was one other player that has done that but i'm not sure. I know nobody has ever won more than that.

What English player has played in all four division cups and champion leagues but has never played for England?

Steve bruce

In 1990 the semi final west Germany's goal deflected off an England player into the goal which England player?

paul Parker

Which Player has scored a hatrick for England?

The only player to score a hat trick for England is Geoff Hurst verses West Germany in 1966.

Can you be a baseball player in the major leagues?


Which player won the most tackles in the premier league 2011?

Lucas Leiva of Liverpool attempted and won the most tackles not only in the Premier League during the course of 2010/2011 but also across the top 4 leagues in Europe (England, Spain, Italy, Germany) .

Who the only player is to have scored an own goal while playing on the soil in England Italy Spain Germany France Portugal Scotland and Holland?

It is the Romanian florin rodiclou, at west ham , Esperanto, Manoco and Milan.

Who is the premier leagues best player?

Didier Drogba

Which player has been top scorer in 3 different European leagues?

Ruud Van Nistelrooy. Ajax In Holland, Man Utd In England & Real Madrid In Spain

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