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Q: Who is the only skater today that can do a quad-triple-triple jump combination?
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Who is only skater today that can do a quad-triple-triple jump combination?

No one yet...

Who is the only skater that can do a quad-triple-triple jump combination today?

No one yet...

How fast does a figure skater travel in the build up to a jump?

I depends on the jump. There are some jumps you can go into with lots of speed but if it's a new jump I ould suggest taking it slow. Taje it from me I'm an ice skater.

What is the name of the Figure skating jump named after a Norwegian skater in 1882?

aksel, axel?

What figure skater leads casey to pursue the sport in ice princess?

jump and spin

What is a double figure skating jump?

A double figure skating jump is where a skater jumps into the air and rotates twice before coming down backwards.

What does momentum have to do with figure skating?

i am a 12 yr old figure skater and what momentum has to do with it is if you jump or spin, you need alot of momentum to get you to jump higher! SOrry, 12 year old girl, you arent allwoed on this site. Be gone.

What movie and television projects has Elissa Steamer been in?

Elissa Steamer has: Played herself in "Jump Off a Building" in 1998. Played herself in "Pro Skater" in 1999. Played herself in "Pro Skater 2" in 2000. Played herself in "Pro Skater 3" in 2001. Played herself in "Pro Skater 4" in 2002. Played herself in "The Globe World Cup Skateboarding" in 2003. Played herself in "Underground" in 2003.

How is the score kept for figure skating?

Every jump or spin that a skater performs has a point value. All of the skaters that compete against each other must complete the same amount of jumps and the same amount of spins--however the spins and jumps can vary from skater to skater. If a spin or jump is very good, or better than average, judges can award extra points. On the other hand if a jump or spin is below average, points will be removed. Each spin can be a level 1, 2, 3, or 4 depending on the amount of positions a skater achieves in the spin. Every level of spin receives more points than the previous level. For every fall, 1.00 is deducted from the final points.I know this is complicated but I hope it helps!

How do you stop the car chase on Tony Hawk pro skater 3?

jump up on the bridge from the car wash and grind the edge where the guy in the car is balanced

How do you win the world championships on Imagine Figure Skater?

This is so easy. All you have to do is use the choose your own pattern, use a Triple Lutz combination jump every time except for the end. At the end do the Cannonball Spin and the Biellman Spin. If you don't get any penalties you will win! what is a cannonball spin???

Is it posilble for friesians to jump 6feet?

probably not the highest jump today is 7ft2 and that was jumped by a proffessional showjumper