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He is the argentinan gabriel Batistuta.

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Q: Who is the only player to score a hatrick at two separate world cups?
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Who did Gary lineker score hatrick against in 1986 world cup?


How many hatrick batistusta made in oa fiia worldcup?

Gabriel Batistuta is the only person to score two hat tricks in two world cups.

Who has score a hatrick for England since 1966 world cup final?

No English footballer has ever scored a hat trick in a world cup final match after Geoff Hurst in 1966.

Who scored the last twin hatrick in football?

The Argentinean striker Gabriel Batistuta is the only footballer to score two hat tricks in two different world cup years.

Who scored first hatrick in 1930 world cup?

Diego maradona

Who scored first hatrick in fifa world cup?

I think it was Michael of Spain in 1990.

What was the score of the World Series in 1994?

No score because there was no MLB world series in 1994. Owners lock out/player walkout year.

Who is the first player to score a hatrick?

The first World Cup hat trick was scored by Bert Patenaude - though under some recent controversy. In 2006, a goal which had previously been attributed to team-mate Tom Florie. The hat-trick was scored on July 19, 1930. Prior to this re-attribution, FIFA had acknowledged the first hat-trick as being scored by Argentine Guillermo Stábile - the first three of eight goals he scored for his country, including at least one goal in every game he played for the national team.

Who is the hatrick wicket taker in World Cup?

Chetan Sharma (India) took the first world cup hat-trick.

First African player to score a goal?

kala Uche was the first African to score a goal at a world cup.

Which football player was only the 21st player to score in 3 world cups?

It is the Brazilian ronaldo.

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