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Q: Who is the only player to play in the premier league then non league then back to premier league in the same season?
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When will the English premier league be back after this season?

it will be back next season

Who is the heaviest player in the premier league in England?

GeorgeElokobi, Wolverhampton wanderers football club [left back]

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Who was the leading scorer in 1943 english premier league?

There was no such thing as the Premier League back in 1943, the top-level competition running in the 1942-43 season was the Football League North and South, created to ensure continuation of football through the Second World War.

Which player won the premier league champions league uefa cup fa cup got relegated from the premier league and he is now back playing in the premier league?

Manchester United is the team with the most medals. They have twelve wins to their name, thus they hold the top position for titles. They have twelve medals from their Premier wins altogether.

Will little people big world be back for 2010 season?

yes it will premier in April

Did the 1970 Vancouver canucks have names on the back of the jersey?

No they did not. This season, the Canucks are periodically wearing replica jerseys from 1970 to commemorate their 40th year in the league, and they do not have player names on the back.

When is Walking Dead back on telly?

The mid season premier, "Nebraska," is scheduled for 12 February 2012.

Which Everton player had a surname beginning with letter you?

David Unsworth played for the Everton Football Club in the Premier League. He played center back for Everton during 1992-2007 and 1998-2004.