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martin buchan

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Q: Who is the only player to captain a winning side in the fa cup and scottish cup?
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Who is the only player to have captained the winning teams in the English and Scottish fa cup finals?

kenny dalglish

Which Scottish footballer is the only player to have scored 100 goals in English Scottish Leagues?

Kenny Dalgleish

Who is the only player in a NHL team that can't become a captain?

Anyone can become a captain/

Are Scottish people sycthians?

Only in literature. It was commented that their fighting and their winning rituals had a likeness to those of the sycthian peoples of the middle east.

Who was captain of Indian hockey team in 1975?

Ajit singh was the captain of IHT ,winning world cup (1st and last time only) in Malasyia beating Pakistan

5 Scottish players to play in old firm and Liverpool everton and Manchester darbys?

No scottish player has. Only Andrei kanchelskis. He was not scottish last time i checked!!!!!!!!!! lol

Who wore number 11 in the NHL?

The best ever player in the NHL to wear #11 was Mark Messier, who played for Edmonton, Vancouver, and New York Rangers. He is also the only player to be the Captain of two different Stanley Cup Winning teams

Who is the only player to have played in all English and scottish football leagues?

Colin Cramb

Who is the only player to have played in the English Scottish Spanish and Italian leagues?

jorge cadete

Only player to captain two teams to a Stanley cup?

Mark Messier is so far the only NHL player to win the Stanley Cup as Captain of two different teams, the Oilers and Rangers.

Which scottish player has scored the most goals in premiership?

Got to be Duncan Ferguson if it's prem only

Which is the only team in the IPL1 having same player as coach and captain?

stephen flamming

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