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larry walker

Walker only won three batting titles. The answer, I believe, is Bill Madlock.

Madlock won in 1975, 1976, 1981, & 1983.

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1972--Rod Carew won the batting title with an average of .318, without hitting a single home run.

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Q: Who is the only player in Major League history to win 4 National League batting titles and is not yet a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame?
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What is the batting average of Major League Baseball in 1941?

.262 The American League's average was .266 and the National League's average was .258.

Who as the 1928 national league batting champion in major league baseball?

Rogers Hornsby of the Boston Braves with a .387 average.

Who was the 1928 national league batting champ in major league baseball?

Rogers Hornsby of the Boston Braves won the NL batting title in 1928 with a .387 average.

What is the batting average of MLB in 2008?

According to Baseball Reference, through games played on June 19, 2008 the National League batting average was .259 and the American League batting average was .263. The National All-time average is .260.

How many NBA teams have won a seven game postseason series after trailing three games to zero?

That has happened twice in National Hockey League history and once in Major League Baseball history but never in National Basketball Association history.

Who won the Sportsmen of the Year Award in 1957?

1957 Stan Musial Baseball National League batting champion

The Chicago Cubs play in the National Baseball League as opposed to American Baseball League?


Who won the national basketball league batting championship in the 2005 season?

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Why aren't baseball pitchers included in the batting list?

In the National League, pitchers will be in the batting line-up. In the American League, the pitcher's batting position is taken by the Designated Hitter (DH) who is ineligible to play any field position.

How did the National League get started?

the national league grew from the first pro league the national association by Chicago owner William Hubert because of general disorganization Click on the 'History of the National League' link on this page to read about the history of the NL.

Are National League baseball games shorter then American League baseball games.?

No, Both American and National league baseball games are 9 innings long

Who had won batting title as a Catcher?

In baseball history, only three full-time catchers have won batting titles. In the National League, Cincinnati's Eugene "Bubbles" Hargrave won it in 1926. The Reds' Ernie Lombardi won it in 1938 and 1942. Mauer is the only American League backstop to win a batting title, coming out on top in 2006, 2008 and 2009.