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Dennis Eckersley

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Q: Who is the only pitcher to save three consecutive All Star games?
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Which pitchers have the longest consecutive all-star game appearances?

The pitcher that was selected to the most consecutive MLB All-Star teams was Juan Marichal of the San Francisco Giants who made 9 straight teams between 1962-1969 (there were 2 All-Star games played in 1962). Second is Tom Seaver of the New York Mets who was selected to 7 straight teams (1967-1973). Marichal also has pitched in the most consecutive All-Star games ... 5 between 1964-1968. He was the starter in 1965 and 1967 and relieved in 1964, 1966, and 1968.

Who besides Robin Yount is in the MLB hall of fame and only played in 3 all-star games?

Hall of Fame pitcher Ferguson Jenkins appeared in only three All-Star Games during his career -- in 1967, 1971 and 1972.

How many innings must a starting pitcher in the mlb all star game pitch?

There is no limit in regards to how many innings a Starting Pitcher must pitch in the Major League Baseball All Star game, a team can be winning and the Starting Pitcher could pitch only 2 innings but because All Star games have different rules, they can be given the Win.

What pitcher holds the World Series record for most consecutive scoreless innings?

The star lefty handed pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, Babe Ruth, established the record of 29 and 2 thirds consecutive scoreless World Series innings pitched. It was not till 1961 that Whitey Ford broke Babe Ruth's World Series record, at 33 innings.

What mlb pitcher has the most wins prior to the all-star game?

Randy Jones entered the 1976 All Star Game with a record of 16-3, no pitcher has had 16 or more wins since prior to All-Star Game. (A number have had 15 wins) Denny Mclain also had 16 wins at All-Star Game back in 1968 when he went on to become last pitcher to win 30 games in a season.

Who was the first Philadelphia pitcher to start an all-star game?

The first Phillies pitcher to start an MLB All-Star game was Robin Roberts in 1950.

What do the dates stand for on the sleeve of the 2009 all-star NHL jersey?

The left sleeve showcases three stars down the side, representing the three previous All-Star games held in Montreal.

Who was an all-star for the Dodgers in 2007?

The National League's Los Angeles Dodgers of the Western Division had three All Stars for the 2007 All Star Game who were Catcher; Russell Martin who was voted in as a Starter, Starting Pitcher; Brad Penny who was voted in through the Player Ballot and Relief Pitcher; Takashi Saito who was chosen by the Manager of the National League All Star team.

What games do you find at Star City Games?

There are many games that can be found at Star City Games. Examples of games at Star City Games includes magic singles, deck games, card sets, and strategy games.

Who had 18 wins as a pitcher at all-star break and did not make all-star team?

Wilbur Wood

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North Star Games was created in 2003.

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