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Peter Beardsley

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Q: Who is the only person to have played football for Everton Liverpool Manchester City and Manchester United?
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Top five champion teams in English football?

Arsenal, Liverpool,Manchester United, Chealsea,Everton

What English clubs did kanchelskis play for?

Everton, manchester united, manchester city,liverpool

What are three famous football clubs in england?

Manchester United, Manchester City, and Liverpool. To name a few more, there are also Arsenal, Tottenham, Everton, and Chelsea.

Who has played for Manchester city and Manchester united and everton and Liverpool?

Look no further than Peter Beardsley

Best supported football clubs in england?

Manchester United Fc, Chealsea Fc, Liverpool Fc, Arsenal Fc, Manchester City Fc , Everton, Tottenham Hotspur

Why are Liverpool Football Club so crap?

It is all about personal opinion , depends upon which football club you support . As many people respect Liverpool football Club who are neutrals . Most of the hatred is from the Everton and Manchester United side

Which footballer has played for Manchester united manvhester city Liverpool and everton?

Peter Beardsley

Which player played for Manchester United Manchester City Liverpool and Everton?

AnswerOnly Peter Beardsley

Who played the most at Wembley Liverpool Football Club or Manchester United Football Club?

Manchester united football club

Is Liverpool the best football team or is Manchester United?

Manchester United are the better team.

Who won the football game Manchester united vs Liverpool?

The game finished: Manchester United 1-1 Liverpool

Which players have played in the Manchester derby Liverpool derby and the old firm derby?

Players that have played for Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Everton, Celtic and Rangers. Obviously.

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