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there are lots of peolple in the nba to score a tri-double in 2008 LeBron James scored two it is common

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lebron James :) Ha Ha

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Q: Who is the only person to get a triple double?
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Is O3 a triple bond?

Oxygen likes to form single or double bonds. However it does form a triple bond in the case of CO (That is the only triple bond occurance to my knowledge)

What is a triple double?

Ehat is a double triple

Who is the only NBA player to score a double triple double?

wilt chamberlain no one has ever done this, a double triple double doesn't make since, that's like saying a double double double, and a double triple would be two things of 100 like 100 points and 100 rebounds in the same game, and this has never been done. If "no one has ever done this", then why is there an answer? And actually, a double triple double does make "since" (sense). It's just 20 of any three of these in the same game: points, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals. Or, in other words, double each of a triple-double.

What's a triple double in basketball?

It's not a double-triple, it's a triple-double. 10 in three stats-points, assists, rebounds etc.

Why can Florine form double or triple bonds?

Fluorine does not form double or triple bonds.

Does nitrogen form single bonds only?

No; nitrogen can form single, double, or triple bonds.

Can carbon atoms only form a single bond between other carbon atoms?

No, carbon atoms can form both single and multiple bonds with other carbon atoms. In organic chemistry, carbon-carbon bonds can be single (ethane), double (ethylene), or triple (acetylene) bonds.

What bond is strongest single double or triple?

A triple bond is the strongest, followed by a double, and then a single.

Single double triple what is 10?


What is a triple double in basketball terms?

a triple double in basketball is when a player has points scored, rebounds and assists in double digits - like 10,10,10

What year did Oscar Robinson average a triple double?

He averaged a triple-double in 1961-1962 BY the next LeBron

Comapre between double DES and Triple DES?

double DES is less secure than triple DES triple DES is much slower than double DES double DES is within the range of brute force attack. but triple DES is not in the range of brute force attack.