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Oliver Kahn

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Q: Who is the only goalkeeper who received the golden ball?
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Who is the only goalkeeper who received the golden ball Best Player in the world cup?

In 2002 FIFA World Cup, Oliver Kahn (Germany) became the first goalkeeper in the history who received the Golden Ball.

Who is the only goalkeeper to have won the Golden Boot in Football World Cup?

It is the golden ball, and it was won by Oliver kahn of Germany, The golden ball is for the best player at that world cup, Kahn has not scored so many goals as a goalkeeper.I think it was in 2002.

What is the goalkeeper allowed to do?

Handle the ball in the goal area only

Can an opponent run into the goalkeeper?

An opponent can not run into the goalkeeper if the goalkeeper has possession of the ball. Nor can an opponent run into a keeper if the ball is not within playing distance of the two players. Under no circumstances can a player run into the keeper intentionally, but might only do so in the course of fairly playing the ball. If a keeper has the ball after a catch, and a player runs into or tackles him, it is automatic red card.

How is a soccer game?

It is where you have 11 players on 2 teams (1 goalkeeper on each team), and you have to try and kick the ball into the goal. Only the goalkeeper can touch the ball with his hand. After 90 minutes the team with the most goals wins.

Can a goalkeeper touch with his hands a ball that is outside his box although his feet are inside the box?

No. When determining whether a goalkeeper may touch a ball with his hands, only the position of the ball matters. If the ball had not crossed (or touched the plane above) the boundary of the goalkeeper's own penalty area, it would be considered deliberate handling, The restart would be a direct free kick at the location of the handling. The goalkeeper might be cautioned if the act prevented the development of a promising goal scoring opportunity in the opinion of the referee. The goalkeeper might be sent off if the ball would have entered the net if not for the handling (and without being touched again by any player) in the referee's opinion.

If a goalkeeper has the ball in his hands and puts a foot behind the goal line is this a goal if the ball is still outside the plane of the goal?

absolutely no goal. only the position of ball dete rmines the goal.

What is the passback rule?

If a defender passes the ball back to his own goalkeeper using his feet then the keeper cannot pick it up, he can only use his feet to clear or pass the ball. however if the defender passes the ball back to his keeper using another part of his body (excluding arms and hands) then the goalkeeper can pick it up.

Who was 2010 world cup golden ball award winner?

The golden ball was won by Diego Forlan, he was the only player to master the Jabulani ball, and score 5 goals.

What year was the rule introduced that says a goalkeeper in football can only hold the ball for six seconds?

The rule was introduced ahead of, and used in, Euro 2000.

Can a goal keeper go in to the other team's penalty area and pick the ball up?

In short, no. A goal kick is not complete (the ball in not yet in play) until the whole of the ball crosses the whole of the penalty area line and into the field of play. If the goalkeeper touches the ball before it completely leaves the penalty area, the goal kick must be retaken. If the goalkeeper touches the ball with his hands after the ball has left the penalty area and become "in-play", then he is guilty of a handling infraction because the ball is not within the keeper's own penalty area anymore. Either the ball is still in the penalty area or it isn't; it can't be both. This is all without even considering the fact that a goalkeeper cannot handle a ball that has been intentionally kicked to him by a teammate, the so-called "pass-back" rule.

What does goalkeeper do in soccer?

A goalkeeper is one of the most important players in the soccer team.His job is to prevent the other team from scoring. Whether the goalkeeper punches the ball, catches it, or kicks it, as long as the ball does not go past the line, no point is scored.The goalkeeper is also the leader of the team's defence. He is able to see the entire field and can instruct his teammates. The keeper can organize his team and have them pull up or stay back if needed. He can control the tempo of the game (hold the ball longer, get rid of it quicker, etc.).The goalkeeper should have really good eye-hand coordination, not be afraid of the ball, and be willing to basically "sacrifice" his body for his team by diving in front of attackers who will purposefully knock into the keeper to score.See the link below for more information: Goalkeeper Guide link: