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Wasim Akram and Mohammed Sami, of Pakistan are the only two odi fast bowlers getting hat-tricks.

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Q: Who is the only fast bowler to get a hatrick in one day international?
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Who is the only soccer player to make a hatrick of goal?

ther was more than one person that made a hatrick of goal

Who is the only bowler to get don bradman out twice for a duck in test?

alan bedsar was the only bowler who got him out twice

Who is the only player to score a hatrick at two separate world cups?

He is the argentinan gabriel Batistuta.

How do you pitch in cricket?

To begin with it is not called pitching, it is called bowling and it is not done by the pitcher it is done by the bowler. The most fundamental rule of bowling is that the arm with which the ball is released must remain straight therefore whereas in baseball a pitcher will release from a standing position (or near enough) a bowler will use varying lengths of a run up to help to generate momentum of the ball. There a three basic types of bowlers they are as follows: Fast bowler - this is a bowler who's main weapon is the sheer velocity of the ball and the lack of time a batsmen has to react - thus being hurried into making a mistake. Swing bowler - generally slower than a fast bowler but his aim is to make the ball swing through the air either away from the batsman or towards him. Spin bowler - generally a much slower bowler who uses spin off the pitch - in that the ball only deviates when it hits the pitch.

What is the limit for a bowler in test cricket?

There is no artificially set limit to the amount a bowler can bowl. The only limit is his own physical endurance.

When did Robbie Fowler score the fastest ever Premier League hatrick?

Robbie Fowler scored the fastest ever Premier League hatrick against Arsenal in the 94/95 season taking only 4 minutes 32 seconds.

How many bowler took 7 wickets in one innings in worldcup cricket?

only one bowler,McGrath took 7 wickets

Why does a cricket ball swing only when a fast bowler balls but not a spinner?

when a spinner bowls he use his fingers to turn the ball, while when a pacer bowls it turns due to grass in the pitch.

Can bastman out when umpire called a bowler it is no ball?

He can only be out on a no-ball when it is a runout

How many overs can be bowled by bowler in a test match?

There is no limit apart from the fact that you can only bowl half the overs and of course how tired the bowler gets.

Who is the only bowler to have got sir Donald bradman out hit wicket?


Who is the only bowler in the world to take 19 wickets in a test?

jim laker

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