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Vijender Singh won a bronze medal in men's middleweight class boxing at the 2008 Games in Beijing.

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Q: Who is the only boxer who got first medal in the Boxing history of India?
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Who was Lionel Rose?

a famous aboriginal boxer.. he was the first aboriginal in boxing history to win a world title

First boxer to wear boxing gloves?

According, to records the first boxer to wear boxing gloves was Jesus Christ 2 days before his crucifixion

Was the first black boxer to be world heavyweight boxing champion?

My dad issac

First British black boxer to win the British championship in boxing?

Was it Bruno.

What boxer knocked out his opponent in the first amateur boxing match?

Hugo hornstein of west London

Who is the boxer of world?

John L. Sullivan was the worldÍs best boxer in the 19th century. Today the first organization to award a world title was the World Boxing Association which is also known as the National Boxing Association.

Who was the first sa boxer to be elected to international boxing hall of fame?

as far as i can tell, brian mitchell is the only south African boxer in the ibhof.

What do you gotta do to be a boxer?

Train with a certified boxing coach in a legit club, meet his/her expectations to be ready for your first fight. Also have to be registered with the boxing association

What are the weights in boxing?

There are weight categories in boxing or Divisions , the first is the light weight and the second heavy weight. A boxer enters a tournament according to his weight.

Who was the first black heavyweight boxing championn crowned in 1912?

The first black heavyweight boxer who became world champion, is Jack Johnson.

Who was the first black middle weight boxer?

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Boxing gloves were introduced to the sport for two reasons. The first is to protect the boxer's hands and knuckles from injuries. Later the gloves were given a white circular pattern to use in scoring amateur fights. The boxer had to ensure the full circle tagged His opponent to score a point. The professional boxer's use 8 oz gloves, gym sparring tend to use 16 oz gloves

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