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The only Penguin to have their Jersey retired is Mario Lemieux.

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Q: Who is the only Pittsburgh Penguin to have his jersey retired?
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What is the Pittsburgh Steelers only retired jersey number?

Ernie Stautner's #70.

Which jersey number was retired first for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The first (and last) jersey number to be retired by the Steelers is #70 for Ernie Stautner. While his is the only one officially retired, many are "unofficially" retired.

Which Pittsburgh Steelers player had his jersey number retired first?

Defensive tackle Ernie Stautner had his #70retired by the Steelers. That has been the only number they have retired.

Which is the only officially retired Pittsburgh Steelers number?

On October 25, 1964, they retired jersey No. 70 in honor of former defensive tackle Ernie Stautner

Who is the only Pittsburgh Steeler to have his number retired?

Ernie Stautner #70 is the only Pittsburgh Steeler to have his number retired.

When Dan Marino's jersey number 13 was retired by the Dolphins in 2000 what was the only jersey number previously retired by the team?


Did the jersey devil live in Pittsburgh?

no the jersey devils only lived in new jersey that is why it is called the JERSEY devil.

Has Lynn Swann's Steeler jersey been retired?

Lynn Swann's number has not been retired by the Pittsburgh Steelers. There has only been one number officially retired by the Steelers and that was #70 Ernie Stautner. There are some numbers that are unofficially retired by the Steelers and Lynn Swann's number is not one of those either.

Why was the Penguin emblem added to the jersey replacing the Pittsburgh script after only one season?

because they believed it was bad luck, to have script on a jersey, which would be saying they were the only ones without a picture on their jerseys, which also showed non confidence

Who has been the only Redskin to have a retired jersey?

The #33 of Sammy Baugh.

Who are the Redskins retired players?

The Redskins have had hundreds of retired players. They only have one officially retired number, however, the Number 33 jersey of Sammy Baugh.

Why is there only one Pittsburgh Steelers football player whose number was retired?

Franco harris

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