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No fighter has ever won four olympic medals. The following fighters have each won three

Teofilo Stevenson of Cuba (boxing) the first fighter to win the gold medal in the same division three times.

  1. 1972 Munich Games, gold medal, super-heavyweight
  2. 1976 Montreal, gold medal, super-heavyweight
  3. 1980 Moscow Games, gold medal, super-heavyweight

Hadi Saei of Iran (Taekwondo)
  1. 2000 Sydney Games, bronze medal, lightweight
  2. 2004 Athens Games, gold medal, lightweight
  3. 2008 Beijing Game, gold medal, middleweight

Stephen Lopez of USA (taekwondo)
  1. 2000 Sydney Games, gold medal, lightweight
  2. 2004 Athens Games, gold medal, middleweight
  3. 2008 Beijing Games, bronze medal, middleweight
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Q: Who is the only Olympic fighter to win four medals?
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