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Cliftonville from Belfast started in 1879

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Q: Who is the oldest soccer team in Ireland?
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Was Ireland a team of soccer in the 1850s?


What team in soccer is wearing green jerseys?


Can irelands soccer team beat US soccer team?

well any soccer team can beat any other soccer team but it might take time for ireland to win though

What stadium do Northen Ireland's soccer team play in in Belfast?

The Northern Ireland team play at Windsor Park, which is also the home of Linfield soccer club.

Who is the oldest club Soccer team in Iran?

Rahahan fc

Who is the oldest club soccer team in Israel?

Maccabi Tel-aviv

Who was the first soccer team to beat England in England?

Republic of Ireland

A soccer team that starts with l?

Inverness, Ipswich, Ireland, Italy, Isreal...

Who played Ireland soccer team the most?

Steve Staunton had 102 caps

Who is the manager of the Northern Ireland soccer team?

As of January 2018, it is Michael O'Neill.

Who is the manger of the Northern Ireland soccer team?

Former Northern Ireland footballer Michael O'Neill is the current manager.

What are the colors of Ireland's soccer team?

The Irish Football Team's National and Team colours are Green (Main) Orange and White...

What Mexican soccer team has only Mexican members?

chivas its also the second oldest club

What is the oldest soccer club in Ireland?

Cliftonville F.C. Belfast. Founded on 20 September 1879 by John McCredy McAlery.

What is the oldest football club in holland?

Sparta Rotterdam is the oldest professional soccer team in the Netherlands. It has been in existence since the year 1888.

Is soccer popular in Ireland?

yes soccer is an extremely popular sport in Ireland

Is soccer famous in Ireland?

Yes. Soccer is a very big sport in Ireland.

How many soccer clubs are there in Ireland?

There are over 1000 soccer clubs in ireland

Who was Ireland football coach in 1990?

Jack Charlton was the manager of the Irish international soccer team in 1990.

What is the second oldest town in Ireland?

The Second oldest town in Ireland is Askeaton in Co. Limerick

What is oldest tree is in Ireland?

Douglas fir is the oldest tree in Ireland it is over 200 years old

What is the name of Ireland's oldest operating lighthouse?

The Hook Lighthouse on Hook Head in county Wexford, is the oldest in Ireland and one of the oldest in the world.

Oldest NFL team?

The Arizona Cardinals are the oldest NFL Franchise.

Who is the oldest soccer club in New Zealand?

northern soccer club of dunedin with roslyn waikari the second oldest

Should girls soccer team be girls' soccer team?

It should be girl's soccer team ;)