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Q: Who is the oldest skydiver?
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What actors and actresses appeared in Beyond the Thrill - 2014?

The cast of Beyond the Thrill - 2014 includes: Nick Halseth as Skydiver Greg Heideman as Skydiver Andy Junghans as Skydiver John Kreutchmeyer as Skydiver Alissa Olson as Skydiver

What kind of forces work on a skydiver?

Gravity pulling the skydiver to the ground as well as wind resistance pushing up on the skydiver.

When did Eli Thompson - skydiver - die?

Eli Thompson - skydiver - died in 2009.

When was Eli Thompson - skydiver - born?

Eli Thompson - skydiver - was born in 1973.

Could you give an example of something moving when net force of zero acts on it?

Certainly. Say you have an object that has been falling through the air for a long time, say a skydiver. After falling for a long time, the skydiver will fall at a constant velocity. This is called terminal velocity, and this is when the air resistance pushing up around the skydiver is equal to the force of gravity pulling the skydiver down. The skydiver is not accelerating. By using F= ma, with zero acceleration, there is zero net force. The skydiver is moving as if there are no forces acting on the skydiver.

How old is the oldest skydiver?

You do realise ghosts skydive too? It's in the blood. I think that a tandem has been done with a student who was in excess of 100 years old.

How can a skier achieve greater velocity than a skydiver?

If a skier is in a jump, then a skier and skydiver is pretty much the same thing. In general though, a skydiver has only air resistance, the skier has air resistance and friction with the ski-snow, so the skydiver has an edge on speed.

When does a skydiver have the greatest kinetic energy?

A skydiver have the greatest kinetic energy as he/she wants to hit the water.

When air resistance on a falling skydiver builds up to 0.3 the weight of the skydiver what is the acceleration of the skydiver?

The acceleration will be 0.7 of the initial acceleration. 0.7x9.81=6.87m/s^2

What actors and actresses appeared in Skydiver Felix Baumgartner Leaps to Record - 2012?

The cast of Skydiver Felix Baumgartner Leaps to Record - 2012 includes: Felix Baumgartner as Himself - Skydiver

What forces are acting on a skydiver?

Gravity pulling the skydiver down towards the earth. And friction (air resistance) acting in the opposite direction. The force of friction increases as the the skydiver falls faster until it is equal but opposite to the force of gravity. When this happens the Skydiver has reached terminal velocity.

Is there a ratio between a skydiver and a parachute?

For an experienced skydiver, it is 1:1, for a trainee and trainer it is 2:1.

How does a parachute help a skydiver make a safe land?

It slows the parachute down, so that the skydiver can land safely

Why is a skydiver not in freefall?

A skydiver is not in freefall when they have opened their parachute. The move from free-fall to controlled decent under a wing.

How many skydiver's are they?

There are about 32,000 member of the United States Parachute Association. That's a close enough answer. Not every skydiver is a member.

Who is the best skydiver ever?


What force pulled a skydiver to the ground?


What is the Drag coefficient of a skydiver?

About 1.0 to 1.4

What do you call someone who drops from an aircraft by parachute?

You call someone who drops from an aircraft by parachute a skydiver.A skydiver, parachuter, or parachutist.

Does changing the mass of a skydiver in a parachute affect the landing time of a parachute?

the mass of the skydiver indeed does effect the landing time :D

A 950-N skydiver jumps from an altitude of 3000 m. What is the total work performed on the skydiver?

Work is the force times distance, so the answer is 2,850,000 joules.

A skydiver slows down from 54 ms to 4 ms by opening his parachute If this takes 0.75 seconds what is the magnitude of the skydiver's acceleration?

66.7 m/s2

What is the skydiver acceleration?

Upon leaving the aircraft, a skydiver rapidly reaches something called terminal velocity. This is where the resistance of the air matches the mass of the skydiver. At this speed, the skydiver maintains a relatively constant speed. Typically this is around 120mph in a flat body position and takes approximately 10 seconds to reach. For more questions about skydiving, see the attached link.

Why does a skydiver fall through the air at a steady speed?

why does a skydiver falls through the air at at steady speed because

How fast does a skydiver fall?

Varies depending on body position and weight of the skydiver. Could be anywhere from 100 to over 200 miles per hour.