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vince papal

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Q: Who is the oldest rookie to ever play in the NFL?
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The oldest rookie un the NFL draft?

Brandon Weeden. He was 28 when he was drafted.

Oldest quarterback to play in the NFL?

The oldest quarterback to ever play in an NFL game was George Frederick Blanda. He was 48 years old when he played in his last game with the Oakland Raiders in 1975

Did a Jeremy Jackson ever play in the NFL for Houston?

No one with a first name starting with J and a last name of Jackson ever played in the NFL for the Houston Texans. No one with the exact name of Jeremy Jackson ever played in the NFL ever. A Jerome Jackson is a rookie (2007) RB at Cleveland.

Who is the oldest quarterback to play in the NFL?

Vinny T.

What is the oldest nfl team ever?

the Atlanta Hawks i think

When did the cardnials become a team in the NFL?

1898 the cardinals are one of the oldest nfl teams ever

Oldest nfl quarterback to play in the playoffs?

Brett farve

Who was the oldest NFL kicker to currently play?

jason hansen

How old is Vince Papale?

The "NFL's oldest rookie" Vince Papale is 71 years old (birthdate: February 9, 1946).

Oldest nfl quarterback to play in playoff game?

John Elway

Who is the oldest NFL quarterback to play entire season?

Brett farve

Did Shaquille O'Neal ever played in the NFL?

no, he did not play in the NFL.