Who is the oldest player of Chelsea?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Mark Schwarzer

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Q: Who is the oldest player of Chelsea?
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Who is the oldest player for Chelsea?

DIDIER DROGBA the best striker ALIVE ! He's 34 and he is the BEST !

Who is the oldest player in Chelsea?

Frank Lampard who is 34 and was born on June 20, 1978. Drogba who is 3 months older no longer plays for Chelsea.

Arsenal Liverpool man u and Chelsea which of them is oldest club?

manu is the oldest it was founded in 1878,arsenal 1886,liverpool1892,chelsea1905.

Is Frank Lampard lead player for Chelsea?

Yes he is a Chelsea player, he joint it in 2001 from West Ham.

Which inter Milan player was on loan at Chelsea?

The Inter Milan player who was on loan with Chelsea, was the Argentinean striker Hernon Crespo.

Who is Chelsea's favorite player?


Is there any Chelsea player who is in Illuminati?


Who is the poorest Chelsea player?


What Chelsea player is Czech?


How do you join Chelsea youth player?

having a trial in england at chelsea's practice area

Which non English Chelsea player has played most games for chelsea?

Petr Cech

Who is the oldest player ICC?

Oldest living Player: Norman Gordon SA (101 as at aug 2013) Oldest Active Player: Sachin Tendulkar IND