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Q: Who is the oldest living Glasgow Celtic player?
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Who is the oldest living Celtic fc player?

In the Celtic Football Club, Hugh Doherty has the claim as the oldest living ex-player. This member was a player starting in 1946.

Who is the oldest living Celtic Player?

Larry bird

Who is the greatest Glasgow Celtic player?

james shields

Who won Scotland's Player of the Year?

Scott Brown of Glasgow Celtic.

Has a player ever been loaned to Glasgow Rangers from Glasgow Celtic?

No, there has never been a direct sell either.

Who is the oldest current player on the Celtic?

PJ Brown (10/14/1969)

Who was the first African born player to play for Glasgow Celtic?

Jorge cadette. He played for Portugal but was born in Africa.

Who is the oldest player ICC?

Oldest living Player: Norman Gordon SA (101 as at aug 2013) Oldest Active Player: Sachin Tendulkar IND

Who is the oldest living Yankee?

Virgil Trucks played on many teams besides the Yankess, but he is technically the oldest living player to have played on the team. Ralph Houk is the oldest player to have played only for the Yankees.

Who is the oldest living soccer player?

Pele the brazillian legend

Who is the only player to have played in everton v Liverpool Glasgow Celtic v Glasgow rangers Manchester united v Manchester city?

Andrei Kanchelskis. Michael Ball as well now also Craig Bellamy

Who is the only player to have played in Everton v Liverpool Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspurs Glasgow Celtic v Glasgow Rangers Manchester United v Manchester City Newcastle United v Sunderland?

Paul Stewart Did Stewart play in the Glasgow Derby? No. He never played for either of the old firm clubs

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