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Charlie Bickford, #53, University of Maine at Augusta, 2006-2007

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you are allowed four years of elegibility no matter what the age i dont know the schools name but this year they had a 48 year old right fielder

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Q: Who is the oldest college basketball player ever?
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Who is the oldest mens college basketball player ever?

Charlie Bickford, #53, University of Maine at Augusta, 2006-2007

How old was the oldest college baseball player ever?

bob foack

Who was Oldest male to play basketball?

Our local college, Roane State Community College, just had the oldest man to ever play college basketball on November 3, 2008. At 73, Ken Mink played six minutes of the game, and scored two free throws with ease.

Who is south suburban college best ever basketball player?

michael jordan

Has there been a basketball player 4.6 feet tall?

No, The Shortest Player to Ever make it in NBA or College is Mugsy Bogues(NBA) 5'3!

Who is the oldest basketball player alive?

The oldest player to ever play a single NBA game would be Nat Hickey who played when he was 46. the oldest current player is Shaquille O'Neal. Youngest player ever is Andrew Bynum of the L.A. Lakers who will win again this year because Kobe is a Pro at everything. just saying :D

Did Hope Solo ever play basketball?

Hope Solo did play basketball and playing the sport in college was an idea she had along with being a field player in soccer

When was college basketball established?

The first game ever in college basketball was played 1/18/1896

Will college basketball ever be on Wii?


Who is the college basketball player to score the most points ever?

John Pierce of David Lipscomb College class of '94 scored 4230 points in his career.

What is most point one player has ever scored in the nba?

wilt chamberlain 100 points in nba but in college basketball 101

Who do you think is the best legendary basketball player ever?

the best legendary basketball player is kobe.