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The oldest boxer to win a title is Bernard Humphrey Hopkins. At the age of 49, he holds the current IBF, WBA and IBA light-heavyweight world championships. From 1994 until 2005, he held titles in the middleweight class.

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Q: Who is the oldest boxer to win a title in any weight class?
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Who is the oldest boxer to win a title?

Joe Bugner, aged 48 won the WBF Heavyweight title. Not sure if it's the oldest but it IS the oldest for a heavyweight. George Foreman was the the oldest heavy weight champ 50 something t Michael Moore

What is Lenox Lewis most famous for?

Lenox Lewis is a boxer from Britain. He was the first British boxer to win the undisputed heavyweight title since an earlier boxer won the title in the year 1899.

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What happens when a title holding boxer retires while still holding the title?

The title is vacated, and the top ranked contender's fight for the title. THE FIGHTER RETIRES A CHAMPION.

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Who was the boxer stripped of his title for refusing to fight in the Vietnam war?

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What does a boxer have to achieve to be a triple champion?

either hold titles in 3 weight classes or hold 3 titles from 3 different sanctioning bodys. for example hold a title for the WBO, WBC, IBF

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Danny Green is an Australian boxer who was born in 1973. He has had four title wins in three different weight classes. He is nicknamed the Green Machine and he has 33 wins and 5 losses.

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