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the oldest bowler on the pba tour is Walter ray Williams jr. he is older than 50. i don't know about his average but he has the most titles of all time.

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Q: Who is the oldest bowler with the highest average?
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Who is the highest fast bowler?

shoaib akhtar from Pakistan.

What is highest score of bowler in cricket world cup matches?


How fast is a average cricket ball?

It really depends on the bowler. if the bowler is slow, medium or fast. if the bowler was slow it is about 89kmh, medium about 120kmh, fast about 145kmh

How can you calculate the average of an bowler?

Number of runs given by the bowler divided by no.of wickets taken by him at the same time....

How many strikes does a professional bowler average?

they average 6 to 7 a game

Which Indian bowler is the highest wicket taker in 1983 world cup?

Rozer binni

Name the bowler who captured the highest number of test wickets in2008?

M Muralitharan

Pba bowler bowling average?

about 227 per game

What is average bowling score for 89 year old man?

With the advent of better, lighter bowling balls, there isn't a set average. A lot depends on the ability of the bowler and skills of the bowler.

Who are highest wicket taker bowler in all types cricket?

muttiah muralitharan

Is the season ending average the one entered in the book for bowling or is it another date?

The season's ending average is used as the book average for that league for the next season. In some league rules, the starting average for handicap purposes is based on that book average or it could be based on the highest of the bowler's book averages from the past season.

Is highest and oldest a noun here is the sentence.....It is the oldest and highest United States capital.?

Highest and oldest are not nouns in that sentence or at all. They are adjectives because they describe a noun. A noun is a person, place, thing, or idea. Capital is the noun in this sentence.