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The oldest active player is Memphis Grizzlies guard/forward Vince Carter, who is currently 39 years old.

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Q: Who is the oldest basketball player?
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Who was the oldest and best basketball player?


How old is the oldest basketball player?


Who is oldest basketball player still playing?

Tim Duncan

Who was the world's oldest professional basketball player?

Robert Jaworski

Who is the oldest player to play basketball?

well from my information the oldest person to play basketball ever was jesus at the age of 2000 years old.

Who is the oldest basketball player alive?

Larry Bird, I Am Pretty Sure..

Who is the oldest active basketball player?

Lindsey Hunter of the Chicago Bulls

Who is the Oldest pro basketball player still playing?

Currently its Shaq.

What is the oldest sport basketball baseball or football?

Basketball best and oldest

What is the second oldest sport?

basketball is the 2nd oldest.

Who is oldest living former NCAA basketball coach?

nba basketball player.sam smith is the oldest living

Oldest woman basketball player?

Nancy lieberman cline played for the Detroit sting at 50 years old.

Who is the oldest mens college basketball player ever?

Charlie Bickford, #53, University of Maine at Augusta, 2006-2007

What is the oldest athletic league in the Philippines?


What is the oldest shot in basketball?

bank shots

Hockey baseball basketball football which is the oldest?

Baseball is then Basketball then hockey and then football.

Who is the oldest professional basketball player in the nba?

As of June 2014, the oldest player in the NBA is Steve Nash of the Los Angeles Lakers. Nash was born on February 7, 1974. The second oldest is Ray Allen of the Miami Heat. Allen was born on July 20, 1975.

What is one of the oldest basketball shots?

Hook shot

Who was the oldest man who joined basketball?

casey stengel

What is one of the oldest shots in basketball?

hook shot

What is a basketball player?

A basketball player is a person who plays basketball, especially professionally.

Who is the oldest basketball player to ever play in the NBA?

The oldest player to ever play a single NBA game would be Nat Hickey who played when he was 46. the oldest current player is Shaquille O'Neal. Youngest player ever is Andrew Bynum of the L.A. Lakers who will win again this year because Kobe is a Pro at everything. just saying :D

Who was the oldest professional basketball player?

Robert Jaworski. A Filipino basketball player for the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) the professional league of the Philippines. Jaworski played for the Ginebra San Miguel Team until he was 55 years old. He only retired when he was elected as a senator of the republic of the Philippines.

Who is Grant Prusator?

a basketball player a basketball player

Who is the best athlete a soccer player or basketball player?

Basketball player