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oscar swahn

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2012-08-08 12:32:45
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Q: Who is the oldest athlete ever to win an Olympic Gold Medal in archery?
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Who is the Oldest gold medal winner at the Olympic Games?

Oscar Swahn won a gold medal as part of the Swedish shooting team in 1912 at the age of 64 making him the oldest gold medal winner. The oldest female gold medal winner was Queenie Newall who won the women's archery title in 1908 at the age of 53.

Olympic Medal winners of Madagascar?

As of the 2008 Games in Beijing, no athlete from Madagascar has ever won an Olympic medal.

Name the U A E athlete who won an Olympic medal for fencing?

There has never been a United Arab Emirate athlete who won a medal in an Olympic fencing event.

Who is the oldest olympic medal winner?

john copley

Who was the oldest women to ever win an olympic gold medal?

Sybil Newall of Great Britain in double round archery at the 1908 Games in London. She was 53 years, 275 days old when she won the gold medal.

Who was the youngest athlete to win an Olympic Gold Medal?

Shaun White

Who has a gold medal?

Every Athlete that won an event at the Olympic Games

Which Athlete has won a Super Bowl and an olympic medal?

Peter Menden

Who was the first ever athlete to win an olympic gold medal?

the american athlete James B.Connolly 1896

Has Canada ever won a medal in archery at the Olympics?

No.Canada has never won an Olympic medal in archery. Their best finish was fifth in the women's individual competition at the 1976 games.

Who was the oldest Olympic athlete of all time?

That title is held by Swedish shooter Oscar Swahn who won his sixth Olympic medal at the 1920 Antwerp Games at the age of 72 years and 280 days old.

Who is the oldest Olympic medal winner and when did they win?

christen rulebreaker

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