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The NHL expanded from six teams to twelve teams in the 1967-68. All six of the 'original' teams have won a Cup. Of the six new teams, the Los Angeles Kings and St. Louis Blues have not won a Stanley Cup. As of the 2007-08 season, they would be the oldest teams not to have won a Cup.

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Q: Who is the oldest NHL team never to win the Stanley cup?
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Did any nhl team sweep all their series and win the Stanley cup?

No it's never been done

What year did the teams who have never won the Stanley Cup enter the NHL?

i know 1........vancouver canucks and they entered in 1970

What is the name of the trophy that they play for in the NHL?

When an NHL team wins the championship, the award that is presented to them is known as the Stanley Cup.

Has any NHL team ever went 16-0 in the playoffs to win the Stanley Cup?

As of the 2011/2012 NHL season no team has gone 16-0 in the playoffs.

What NHL team has wan the most Stanley Cups?


How many NHL teams have never won the stanley cup?

13 current NHL teams have not won the Stanley Cup, if the Ottawa Senators are counted. The original Ottawa Senators won numerous Stanley Cups, but the newer expansion team has not. If the Ottawa Senators are not counted, then this number falls to 12.

What is the name of the award that the best team in the nhl wins?

The Stanley Cup! "All hail Lord Stanley!"

Name of trophy that is awarded to the NHL's championship team at the end of playoffs?

The Stanley Cup.

Which team had won the first NHL Stanley cup?

The Toronto Arenas

Which NHL team won the 1993 Stanley cup?

The Montreal Canadiens

What NHL team has the most Stanley Cup championships?

The Montreal Canadians

What team recently won the NHL Stanley Cup in 2011?