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Q: Who is the oldest American professional football team?
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Are the Pittsburgh Steelers the oldest American football team in the US?

No, they are not. But they are the oldest franchise in the NFL's American Football Conference.

What is the oldest American sports team?

The Arizona Cardinals, founded in 1898, hold the distinction of being the oldest continuously run professional American football club in the United States.

What is the oldest football team?

Notts County Football Club is the oldest professional football team in the world. Notts County were formed in 1862, and actually pre-date The Football Association!

What is the oldest continuous run professional football team in the US?

Arizona Cardinals

What was the first professional football team?

The american teams such as cowboys

In what year did the Cincinnati Bengals become a professional football team?

1968, in the American Football League.

Pittsburghs 2nd professional football team?

Pittsburgh's second professional football team is the Pittsburgh Passion. They are a professional football team they are womens though. There is not a second Pittsburgh mens professional football team.

Who is the oldest English football team?

Nottingham forest are the oldest registered football team in the world

What is the oldest football club in holland?

Sparta Rotterdam is the oldest professional soccer team in the Netherlands. It has been in existence since the year 1888.

What was the first English football club?

Notts County are the oldest professional English club team. They were founded in 1862. The oldest football club are Sheffield F.C founded in 1857 Hope this helps.

Is the NFL a professional football team?

The National Football Team is the league for the professional football teams in the United States.

Who is the oldest American football team?

Brett favre 20 seasons so around 43

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