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Steve " Stone Cold " Austin and Mike Tyson

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Q: Who is the number one wrestler?
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Who is a one-named superstar?

stone cold is the number one wrestler in wwe or wwf

How can you call your favorite wrestler?

If you have Facebook or Twitter check if your favourite wrestler is on it and get their number!

Who is the number 1 wrestler?

The rock

How do you spell wrestler?

That is the correct spelling of the word "wrestler" (one who wrestles).

What is edges number the WWE wrestler star?


Where could one find information on WWE's wrestler Kane?

Information on wrestler Kane can be found on a lot of web pages, one of the most popular is in Wiki. Bleacher Report and About also has information on the wrestler.

What are the penalties in wrestling?

if one wrestler brakes someones arm in a normal match the other wrestler wins

Who is the number two-rated wrestler in the WWF?

Casey McNamara :)

Can you become a WWE Wrestler with a disability?

there was a one legged wrestler in WWE for a little while called Zach gowen

Which wrestler is better than the undertaker?

No one.

Is undertaker the best wrestler?

yes undertaker is indeed the best wrestler of all time and the one to end Shawn Micheal career

Where is Ron Bass now?

Which one? The wrestler, or the screenwriter?

What happens when one wrestler controls the other?


What wrestler died in 2010?

i know one ....... Umaga

Was the rock the best wrestler?

One of them but probably not the best.

What is WWE wrestler Randy 9rtin's cell phone number?

YOu may not answer this question

Who was female wrestler died in 10 2008?

The Wrestler that you are trying to figure out was the Fabulous Moolah, one of the first female professional wrestlers. She was seen a lot recently with another wrestler, Mae Young. Hope this helps!

How much does a pro wrestler make in a week?

It all depends on the wrestler's contract but on an average the make a bout 250,000 or more in one year.

Who is the number one wrestler in the world?

John Cena,Randy Orton and Jeff hardy what a stupid question everyone know's that it's these three

Who is WWE wrestler mvp dating?

Currently no one he is in Japan

Is hulk hogan the richest one?

The richest wrestler?? Not a chance.

What is one way that Abraham Lincoln displayed courage?

he was a wrestler

How many pizzas can a sumo wrestler swallow at once?


Which wrestler has the most fans?

most number of fans around the world would be The rock

What number does a referee count to when a professional wrestler is pinned?

The ref must count to three.