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Q: Who is the number one ranked tennis star of 2010?
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Is Anneliese beautiful?

Yes, Anneliese is the most beautiful person in the whole entire world. She is a top-ranked model, and is a tennis and swimming star.

Who is the boyfriend of tennis star Maria Sharapova?

Women's tennis champion Maria Sharapova reportedly is dating Bulgarian tennis star Grigor Dimitrov.

Exactly how many times has tennis star Roger Federer won Wimbledon?

As of March 2010, he has won it a total of 6 times.

Does Ana Ivanovic do charity work?

Ana Ivanovic is a Serbian Tennis player and was ranked number nine in the world on 18 August 2014. The star launched a charity gift campaign as the Serbian UNICEF ambassador on 24 November 2008. The funds raised helped less privileged children.

Who is famous tennis star Serena Williams sister?

Venus Williams also a famous tennis star. Hope this is what you wanted.

Who is world number one in badminton females?

Yihan Wang of China is currently ranked number one in Badminton woman singles. She has been coached by Zhang Zing who is a two time Olympic gold medalist. Wang is definitely a rising star in the sport of Badminton. Saina Nehwal is ranked number two and made history being the first Indian to ever win a super series tournament. She won the Indonesian open in 2009, as well as 2010.

What Port Chester High alum is ranked number 5 as one of the most regenizable people in Westchester NY?

Answer- Community Star Edward Eways

Which tennis star had a book called serious?

John McEnroe. His famous phrase "You can't be serious!" provided the tennis star with the title for the book :-)

Who is the famous Brazilian female tennis star?

Maria Bueno is the most famous Brazilian female tennis star, a former Wimbledo chamption.

Is the tennis star Rafael Nadal married?


Who is the number 1 pop star in 2010?

Lady Gaga Is number one popstar in the world at the moment...

Was Lionel Richie a star tennis player in high school?

Yes, American musician Lionel Richie was considered a star tennis player in high school. He attended the Tuskegee Institute on a tennis scholarship.

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