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Q: Who is the number one player in golf?
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Who is the number one golf player today?

It is Tiger Woods, however Mickelson could take the number one spot in a couple of weeks.

Who is the number 1 golf player?

golfs number 1 player in the world is officially Martin Kaymer from Germany.

What number wood is a driver in golf?

Number one

Where can one buy discount golf clubs online?

One can buy discount golf clubs online from a number of retailers. One can purchase them at discount from 'Golf Discount', 'Rock Bottom Golf' and 'Golf Online'.

Number of bogies on one hole of golf?

Well. . . one.

In which sport does the player with the lowest score win?

Golf is one Sport where the player with the lowest score wins. The player that hits the ball the least amount of time, and holes the ball has the better score.

Is r madhavan a golf player?

Yes... One of his hobbies...

How do you get a hole in one on The real Gilligan's Island mini golf hole number 10?


What golf course is ranked number one in the US?

Pine Valley Golf course, N.J

What is the number on the golf ball?

The number on golf balls is for identification purposes, if two balls are in the rough or fairway, each player knows which one is theirs. However, balls are mainly numbered 1-4 so additional personal markings are needed.

What will Tiger Woods will be remembered for?

One thing that Tiger Woods will be remembered for is what a great golfing career he had and his many achievements as the number one professional golf player in the world.

What is pace of play in golf?

Pace of play is how quickly a round of golf is played, usually by one player, or a group.

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