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Notre Dame has a leprechaun as a mascot because of their football team name called "Fighting Irish". Before the football team was called that, which I believe was somewhere in the 1960's, Notre Dame's mascot used to be a group of Irish Terrier dogs.

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Daniel Colt Collins Notre Dame class of 2010 from Hamburg, NY MJH

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. Notre dame leprechaun. This is from their website.

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Q: Who is the notre dame football leprechaun?
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What is the nickname of Notre Dame football team?

The Notre Dame mascot is the leprechaun because of their name FIGHTING IRISH

The leprechaun was named notre dame's mascot in what year?

i do not no do you???????????????????????????? Yes, I do. The Leprechaun was named the official mascot of Notre Dame in 1965.

What is the leprechaun a mascot of?

notre dame

What is the Mascot for Notre Dame?

Notre Dame's mascot is a leprechaun for their football team called "Fighting Irish." The leprechaun is a dwarf, cause he's so short, and he has his fists up like he's going to fight.

What was the mascot of Notre Dame before it was a Leprechaun?

The old mascot for notre dame before the leprechaun was a Irish terrior named clashmore mike

What university has a leprechaun as their mascot?

Notre Dame (the Fightin' Irish) has a leprechaun as its mascot.

When was Notre Dame Football on NBC created?

Notre Dame Football on NBC was created in 1991.

What basketball team has a leprechaun on its logo?

Notre Dame has the leprechaun as their mascot. Their mascot travels with them to most of their games away from home, and when Notre Dame athletics are playing at home, the man in the leprechaun suit is at every game possible.

What is the Notre Dame Fighting Irish leprechaun's name?

Lucky Charms

What is notre dame's mascot?

the Fighting Irish

What is the duration of Notre Dame Football on NBC?

The duration of Notre Dame Football on NBC is 3.5 hours.

Who has the most football wind southern California or notre dame?

Notre Dame