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LeBron James

Nobody in the NBA can beat LeBron one on one without a referee, plus like Jordan, LeBron can play the post and point guard.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-24 05:46:09
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Q: Who is the next Michael Jordan?
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Who will be the next Michael Jordan?

Answer There is no such thing as a next mj

Who is going to be the next michael jordan?

nobody nobody can be next mj

Who is the next Michael Jordan in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant

Is LeBron James the next Michael Jordan?

No, he is not. He is the next Lebron james, whether he is boom or bust.

Is Kobe Bryant the next Jordan?

Definitely not. LeBron James is, without a doubt, the next Michael Jordan. Kobe but later it may be LBJ

Is Blake Griffin the next Amar'e Stoudemire?

he might be the next stoudemire but he will never be the next michael jordan.

Did Michael Jordan want derrick rose to be the next big thing on the chicago bulls?

Michael Jordan probably didnt even noe d.rose until he came to the nba

Is Kobe the next Michael Jordan?

Absolutely not!! Kobe is an overrated ball hog.

Is LeBron James the next MJ?

It depends, Lebron plays the same style as Michael Jordan. But Kobe can beat lebron at basketball any time. So i would say that lebron plays more like Michael Jordan, but Kobe will be the best player after Michael Jordan.

Who is taller Michael Jordan or Michael Jackson?

Michael Jordan.

Who is Brent Crane?

The Swag King. The World's Strongest Man. The next Michael Jordan.

Who was Michael Jordan's dad?

Michael Jordan's father is James Jordan

What was the name of Michael Jordan's sons?

Marcus Jordan and Jeffrey Michael Jordan

What is a acrostic poem for Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan

Who is richer Michael Jordan or Pele?

Michael Jordan

Is Michael Jordan on 2k9?

no. Michael Jordan is on 2k3

Who is the best Kobe or Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan. plus david deluskie that's me a future Michael Jordan! hahahahahahahha

What person made Michael Jordan famous?

Michael Jordan made Michael Jordan famous

What are Michael Jordan's siblings names?

Michael Jordan's siblings are Jackson and Fred Jordan.

What year did Michael Jordan come back from his first retirement?

Michael returned to the bulls in 1995. They did not won their next championship until 1996.

Who is older Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan?

Michael Jackson was born in 1958, and Michael Jordan was born in 1963. So Michael Jackson was older than Michael Jordan. However, Michael Jordan is now older than Michael Jackson lived to be.

Is Air Jordan Michael Jordan's nickname?

Michael Jordan had numerous nicknames, 2 of which were MJ an Air Jordan

Who buys Michael Jordan collectibles?

fans of michael jordan

Where is Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan lives in north Carolina.

What is Michael Jordan full name?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan