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Q: Who is the mother of Adam de la halle?
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When did Adam de la Halle die?

Adam de la Halle was born in 1237.

Did Adam de la Halle die?

Adam de la Halle died in 1288.

What was Adam de la halle was famous for?

He was a famous trouvère.

Why Adam de la Halle called hunchback?

It was possibly a family name, he did not have a hunchback.

When was Mesdames de la Halle created?

Mesdames de la Halle was created in 1858.

When was Adam de la Cour born?

Adam de la Cour was born in 1979.

What does la casa de Adam mean?

la casa da Adam = the house of Adam or Adam's house

When was Adam-Pierre de La Grené born?

Adam-Pierre de La Grené was born in 1625.

When did Adam-Pierre de La Grené die?

Adam-Pierre de La Grené died in 1702.

What is je suis la mère de lune in English?

je suis la mère de l'une (with an apostrophe): I am the mother of one of them ; je suis la mère de la lune : I am the mother of the moon.

What is soeur de la mere?

"Soeur de la mère" is a French phrase that translates to "aunt on the mother's side" in English. It refers to the sister of someone's mother.

How do i say i am bob's mother in spanish?

Soy la mamá de Bob, or, Soy la madre de Bob