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Q: Who is the most winning football college?
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Which college football team have the most wins all time?

Alabama crimson tide are the winning-est team in college

Longest college football winning streak?

universality of Wisconsin-Whitewater has the longest winning streak in all of college football

Which college football team has the highest winning percentage of all time?

Michigan has the highest winning percentage and the most wins

What team holds the record for most consecutive winning seasons at any level in college football?

Linfield College in McMinnville, OR. 54 consecutive winning seasons as both NAIA and NCAA Division III teams.

What college football team has the most all time wins without winning a national championship?

West Virginia

What team currently has the most consecutive winning seasons in division 1 college football?

30 - Florida State

What team has the lowest winning percentage in college football?

University of Idaho .362 winning percentage (Kansas State has most all-time losses.)

Who has the most college football victories since 1941?

In addition to the most wins, 560, Oklahoma also has the best winning percentage, at .74835.

Which NCAA Division 1A team has th most wins in college football history?

The University of Michigan heads the list of most all-time college football victories. The Wolverines have won 910 games. However, they are second in all-time winning percentage at .732. Notre Dame, who is 4th in total wins, has a winning percentage of .733.

Who has the longest winning streak in college football?

oklahoma with 48 straight victories.

Who has the longest current winning streak in college football?

Tcu -8

Which college football team has the longest home winning streak?


Who is the all time winning college football coach?

Lou holtz

What division 1 NCAA football team is the most winning team in history?

Coming into the 2008 season, that would be Michigan with 872 victories. <-- Updated ---- it would be WVU they are the winningest team in college football but have never won a national championship. ________________________________________________________________________ WVU is only the most winning school without a National Championship, they are not the most winning school all-time.

What is Bob Stoops college football winning percentage?

101 - 22 .827 winning percentage as of 2/22/2008

Who is the best college football team?

The Miami Hurricanes, because they have the longest winning streak in ncaa history and the most 1st round draft pick.

Who are the Most winning men's college basketball coaches?

the most winning is bobby knight

What college has played most college football games?

Rutgers and Princeton played the first ever game of American Football at the college level in the 1869, with Rutgers winning by a score of 6-4. College football has changed quite a bit since then, with the addition of the PAT, the forward pass, and more. Logic would suggest that because of the long history, these two schools have played the most games. Michigan 877 wins. Most all time.

Which college football team has the highest all time winning percentage?


What college has the most wins in football of all time?

This is the University of Michigan Wolverines who lead in All time wins, All time winning percentage, and most National Titles(11).

What were the most fumbles in a college football game?

The most fumbles in a College football game were 9.

Which college football team has the highest winning percentage since 2000?

Boise State

What is the top winning percentage in college football in the last 50 years?

Nebraska .78969

What University currently owns the longest home game winning streak in Division 1 football?

BYU currently holds the longest home game winning streak in college football with 18 wins

What is Illinois record against Houston in college football?

1-1 ... the teams have met twice with Illinois winning in 1991 and Houston winning in 1992.