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An arrow is shot straight up at an initial velocity of 250 ms How long will it take to hit the ground

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Q: Who is the most well know English footballer?
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A well-known English premiership footballer with initials SG?

Steven Gerrard is a well known English footballer with the initials 'SG'

Who is the worlds most well paid footballer?

c. ronaldo

Are English bulldogs gentle?

most of the time they are not, but if they know you well and get on with you then yes

Which footballer is paid the most?

Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid Well this is in 2010!

What is Jeff Brazier most known for?

Jeffrey Carl "Jeff" Brazier was born in 1979 May 27. He was formerly a professional footballer. Jeff is most known for being an English TV presenter as well as a reality television star.

Who is the most inspirational footballer in Germany?

It is the German footballer Franz Beckanbeur who won both the world cup as well as won the 1990 world cup in Italy as a manager.

Can Turkish people understand English?

funny question well if they know of course and most of the younger generation should all know basic English for its the second language that is taught in school.

What languages are spoken in Ronda Spain?

They speak Spanish. Most Spaniards also studied English in schools, so do know some English as well.

What is get well soon in Korean?

I don't know in Korean but i know in English. You say well soon

Samuel Johnson's influence on English language?

Johnson may well be the most celebrated lexicographer of English, but historians now know he didn't do as much as was suggested. Turns out, most of his assistants did the world of putting together "A Dictionary of the English Language."

Qualifications required to become an English teacher?

know English language very well

How many Arabic speakers speak English?

English is studied as a second language in the United Arab Emirates. Many of them know English fluently. The same goes in most of the Middle Eastern countries and Arabian Gulf in general, many know English quite well indeed.

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