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The most successful F1 driver in the history of the sport is Michael Schumacher of Germany. He is best known for his stint with Ferrari. He has a total of 91 race wins and 7 drivers world championships and is arguably the best F1 racer ever.

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Q: Who is the most successful F1 driver?
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What British driver has most f1 wins?

The British Driver with the most F1 wins is Nigel Mansell with 31.

How do you get into f1?

You start off in small karting events ,at a young age. And if successful move up into formula 3000 and GP2 . After that you seek a contract with an F1 constructor as a test driver , and then a full F1 driver.

What did Lewis Hamilton achieved?

Lewis Hamilton is a successful go-cart and F1 car racing driver. Hamilton has achieved many things in his career.He has: Won the F1 world driver's championship Was the first coloured driver to win a Grand Prix in Formula One Holds the record for most consecutive podium finishes by a driver in their first season Recieved the OBE from the Queen Elizibeth the Second

What british f1 racing driver has won the most championships?

Sir Jackie Stewart has won the most F1 World Championships by a British driver with 3; 1969, 1971 and 1973.He is the only British driver to win three F1 World Championships.

When did Lewis hamilton become an f1 driver?

he became a f1 driver in 2007

Which British F1 driver has won the most Grand Prix races?

Nigel Mansell with 31 F1 race wins.

Which British driver has won most F1 World Championships?

Jackie Stewart

Which German driver has won most F1 world championship?

The one and only MICHAEL SCHUMACHER, argued as the greatest and most successfull driver of all time.

Weight of an F1 driver?

Depends on the size of the driver.

Which player makes the most money?

MJ of the Chicago Bulls and the F1 driver and Tiger Woods

What do you have to do to become a formula one driver?

To become a F1 driver you should start practicing on carts when your 10. You should then go to racing/driving school which costs around 50 grand. If your American you should move to Europe once your a teen.After driving school you need to practice on the f3 or f300. Most people advance to an actual f1 driver by becoming a F1 test driver.

How many titles of f1 has won by F1 Driver Fernando Alonso?


Did Nigel Mansell do karting before he became an F1 driver?

Yes he did, like most F1 World Champions he learned to race on the go-karting circuit.

Which British driver has raced in the most Grand Prix's?

The British F1 driver who have started the most races (not entered) is Jenson Button, as of the 2014 Austrian GP, he has started 255 races.

Who is the most famous Brazilian?

Almost certainly the footballer Pele, but possibly Ayrton Senna the F1 driver

Can women be f1 drivers?

Yes, if a woman is good enough then she could be an F1 driver.

Who is the best ever F1 driver?

Michael Schumacher is arguably the best driver in the history of F1 racing. He has a total of 91 race wins and 7 drivers world championships. Apart from this he also holds records for most pole positions, most career points, winning the title with most races to spare, most wins in a single season etc.

Which driver gained the most points ever in the World Championship?

n the entire History of F1, the point scoring system has changed. To date, the driver which gained the mst points in a single season is Sebastian Vettel with 392 Points in the 2011 Season of F1.

How much experience do you need to be an f1 driver on city driver?


Who is the best v8 supercar driver?

The most successful driver still competing is Craig Lowndes

Which professional sportsmen get paid the most?

F1 driver fernando alonso he earns over £300,000 per week

Which British F1 driver has won the most grand prix?

Nigel Mansell - who won 31 Grands Prix.

What is the average weight of a f1 driver?

Well, bere with me, I've been told I'm an idiot. I believe that the average weight of an F1 driver is ______ . ?

Who is the most successful driver in Nascar ever?

Richard Petty

Can the driver be replaced during an F1 race?

No a driver can not be changed in the middle of a race.