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it is Liverpool

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Q: Who is the most successful English football club ever and by how many trophies?
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Which English football club has most trophies? u

How many football trophies has Real Madrid football club won?

107 trophies

Which town team has won the most trophies in English football?

Manchester United have won the most competitive trophies for an English club with 59.One more than Liverpool's 58.

What English football team has won the most trophies?

If you are asking which club, then it is Manchester United.

Who is the most decorated british football CLUB?

ManU are currently the most decorated football club in English history with a total of 65. Liverpool are 2nd with 57 trophies as of today. In Italy, Juventus have 51 and AC have 50 trophies and in Spain Real have a total of 73 trophies, and Barcelona have 72.

How many trophies does barcelona football club have?


Which club is second in most league trophies won?

Arsenal Football Club has the second most number of league trophies.

Which spanish football club have the highest trophies?

Real Madrid

What English football club has won the most trophies since 2000?

LiverpoolIncorrect, Manchester United have won more, followed by Chelsea.

How many trophies have Liverpool won altogether?

Liverpool have won 58 competitive trophies.They are the second most successful English club behind Manchester United who have won 59 competitive trophies.

Why are Liverpool FC rubbish?

Liverpool FC is the second most successful club in the history of English football. They have won more trophies than any other club including a joint record of 18 league titles, seven FA Cups, seven League cups an English record five European cups.

What football club has won the most league trophies in Italy?

It is A.C.Milan.